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Of course, just when I thought I had a handle on everything and that everything was going back to normal and boring, life threw me for another loop.

And boy, what a loop.
I still haven’t felt depressed. In fact, just the other day, I was talking about mom and found that I was able to remember her with love but without the grief. It was awesome to be able to think about her and be completely happy and thankful that she was my mother without the pain of loss running parallel. So that’s good.

The first curve ball was that I was denied my divorce. Seriously. How ridiculous. My case was thrown out because the manager of the retreat center where my ex-husband lives/works signed for the certified letter instead of my ex-husband himself. I had to start completely over. Serve new papers, pay more money, wait another 40 days after service, schedule court at 10 AM on a Friday. What a nightmare. I was so, so looking forward to having this done and getting my mother’s name back.

I can’t go to my gym anymore because of some stupid drama going on over there. The owner treated one of the trainers horribly, and I just can’t patronize that place after what happened. I’ve been trying to find a new place, but it’s been very hard. I haven’t worked out in like two weeks, and I feel awful.

I started working as the social media manager for my ex-boyfriend’s band, which was a blast until a whole bunch of band drama put an end to it. (Drama everywhere these past two weeks…is Mercury in retrograde again??)

And then my ex-boyfriend and I decided to try to give things another go.

Oh, and one of his best friends is here for an extended visit, so I got to meet him. It’s always interesting to meet your best friend’s best friend. I think it can tell you a lot about a person. These guys love each other like brothers. It’s sweet.

Anyway, I’m very glad it’s a short week and that there’s vacation at the end of the tunnel.


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