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Merry Christmas, Momma

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things were very busy with trying to wrap up work before the holidays, closing on the WV house, and preparing for my thesis defense (successful, yay!). And then once the thesis was over, it was like my life just took off. It was nuts. There were a lot of holiday parties, of course, but I also met someone. I wasn’t expecting to or planning on it, but I suppose that’s when those sorts of things always happen.

It’s been great, though, and honestly experiencing those first fun moments of a new relationship (do you remember the butterflies?) made it a lot easier to get through what would have been an extremely sad holiday. It was still sad, of course, but I had this competing happiness in the background to even things out.

I’m really glad we decided to put up the tree this year.

Dad and I went out to eat on Christmas Eve, and it was a wonderful dinner. We had talked about going to church, but after a heavy dinner and quite a few drinks, it didn’t seem right, so we just headed home.

I bought a candle to light in honor of mom so she could be there with us in some way. I’m not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but it smelled nice.

I got my stocking (and the cats’), and then dad and I opened presents. There were a LOT. I had gotten quite a few for dad, and I think dad went a little overboard for me. (Not that I’m really complaining!) The most special gift was one that he got down at the beach. We were in a little local craft shop and I’d spotted some amazingly unique champagne flutes made by a local potter. I must have talked about them enough that dad went back to get them. And there were a couple of things from mom, including a pig statue that she got for dad.

Dad gave me a copy of the book the funeral home put together, which has a copy of the life story I wrote, as well as all the pictures we uploaded and messages people posted on the funeral home obituary. It’s very sweet. I got dad a garden stone in memory of mom, and I got a Christmas ornament too. She was very present.

I think we did a good job. We kept many of our traditions, including a big Christmas breakfast, and made some new ones, like going out on Christmas Eve. (We also went out on Christmas, but the food wasn’t very good.)

Dad’s hanging in there. I know he’s depressed. He’s about to go on a ski trip with an old friend, so hopefully that will help pull him out of his funk and get his new year started off right.

I’m looking forward to a great 2012. It seems like almost everyone I talk with has had a bad 2011, and we’re all ready to start something new. I’m thrilled to be starting my new year with a great job, a Master’s degree, the best father on the planet, and a new sweetheart. My plan is to do midnight yoga on New Year’s Eve so I can really start the year off in the right mindset. As my counselor told me, I deserve a little happiness. I intend to enjoy it.


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