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“Your mom is L33T!”

Here we are, another Monday. It feels like it’s been a year since last Monday. Or longer.

I sent an email to my team here at work this morning thanking them for their support and their flexibility in allowing me to be with my parents. I’m sure it seems like common sense to them that I should have been with my mom, but I’ve worked for companies before that might not have let me. Having just one bad boss can make you appreciate the good ones, that’s for sure.

I also sent them the link to mom’s biography that we posted on her legacy site. The folks here have a healthy respect for programmers and engineers who have come before, and they were all highly impressed with mom’s accomplishments. Many commented that she was amazing and inspirational. One said, “it’s clear that she’s shaped your life in many positive ways,” and that is certainly true.

My favorite comment, though, came over our IRC channel from a friend: “Your mom is L33T!” That might not mean much to many of you, but it stands for “elite,” and it’s a word used by hackers to describe the best of the best. It’s a great compliment, especially coming from a good programmer.

So how are we doing? Could be better, I suppose. Dad is busy cleaning up the house to get ready for this weekend. I’m trying to get back into my regular routine (waking up this morning at 5 wasn’t very fun for me or the cats, who were getting used to sleeping in). I’m working on the speech (eulogy? homily?) for mom’s celebration service on Saturday and trying to make sure I don’t fall behind in my last semester of school. One of my cats has to go to the vet tonight. Life goes on, and the world keeps turning, even if we think it should pause for a while. I don’t know how much I’ll get to see dad this week, so I’m hoping he can keep busy. I called around lunchtime, and it sounds like he’s doing okay.

You know, I wondered for a while why mom was hanging on so long, even when it was clear that it was her time to go. I thought I’d prepared for it…I knew it was coming…I was even praying for it on the last day. But I think I know, now. Mom didn’t want to cause us this pain. As hard as it was on her, as hard as it was for us to take care of her, I think she knew what her loss would be like for us. I’m sure she wanted to spare us the heartbreak. There’s not much comfort in understanding that, but at least I know now.


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